Mileage without loss of friction

The electronic control of LubeTronic minimises lubricant consumption and ensures ideal lubrication of fifth wheel couplings and towing hitches. More safety, less time.

LubeTronic 5Point

LubeTronic 5point

The LubeTronic 5Point was developed for fifth-wheel couplings without top plate liners. This is a lubrication system integrated into a fifth-wheel coupling.

  • Lubrication intervals can be adjusted for use in long distance traffic and on-site traffic
  • Very easy and compact
  • Environmentally friendly and economical thanks to electronic dosing
  • Sufficient lubricant supply for about 1 year
  • Electronic fill level control with an LED display
  • Refillable using lubricating nipples
  • The quantity of grease dispensed remains constant, providing reliable lubrication for the fifth wheel coupling plate and the lockjaw.
  • It is also suitable for use in hazardous-cargo vehicles

LubeTronic 5Point in catalogue

LubeTronic 1Point

LubeTronic 1point

Thanks to the top-plate liners, low-maintenance fifth-wheel couplings (W series) do not have to be lubricated on the coupling plate, but only on the lock-jaw. The use of LubeTronic 1Point combined with a specially-coated lock jaw also eliminates the need for this procedure.

  • A supply of grease intended to last three years
  • Area of application: Long distance traffic, suitable for use in hazardous-cargo vehicles
  • Electronic fill level monitoring with an LED display
  • Retrofitting possible for all low-maintenance couplings
  • Eliminates the need for manual lubrication

LubeTronic 1Point in catalogue

Mounting and Operating Instructions

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LubeTronic 1Point mounting and operating instruction 10/2015
LubeTronic 5Point Mounting and operating instructions 07/2020
LubeTronic 5Point Refilling instruction 08/2020

Repair kits

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LubeTronic 5Point Testing instructions (MAN) 02/2017
LubeTronic 5Point Testing Instructions (Volvo) 02/2017
LubeTronic 5Point Testing Instructions Standard 02/2017
LubeTronic 5Point Repair Manual 05/2012


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LubeTronic 1Point 11/2017
LubeTronic 5Point The central lubrication system for fifth wheel couplings 01/2021